Act 2 scene 6

Time:Monday Afternoon


Characters:Benvolio, Mercutio, Romeo, Tybalt, Prince, Lady Capulet,  Montague, Officer

At the start benvolio and Mercutio are talking but then Tybalt comes and wants to fight him because he was at his house during the party and then rodeo turns up and he does not want to fight him because they don’t know that him and juliet just got married and so he doesn’t want to fight but then Mercutio wants to fight so him and Tybalt but then Tybalt stabs Mercutio in the chest and so he than dies.


Act 2 Scene 5

Time:Monday Midday

Location:Capulets House

Characters: Juliet, Nurse

Juliet and the nurse are talking but the nurse wont tell juliet the news because the nurse is dragging it out. the nurse than says that romeo and juliet are going to get married and than the nurse than says that she will go get a ladder so that romeo can sneak in and he can have sex with her.

quote:Have you got to leave to go to shrift today?

Act 2 Scene 4

Location:A street in verona

Time:Monday Midday

Characters:Mercutio, Benvolio, Romeo, Nurse, Peter

At the start mercutio and benvolio where wandering where romeo was and than when he turns up they ask him where he was last night and what he was doing and they where saying that he was in trouble becaouse he was in the capulets house and now tybalt wants to kill him.and than romeo wants to talk to him about the marrage and romeo pays her to tell juliet that they will get married tomorrow.

Quote:Now God in heaven bless thee hark you sir



Act 2 Scene 3

Time: Early monday morning

Location: Church

Characters:Romeo, Friar Lawrence

Romeo comes back from being at the Capulets house and is very tired bur he asks the priest if he can get married but friar still thinks that he likes Rosaline but little does he know that he found juliet and within 24 hours he wants to marry er and so he tells the priest what happened and asks if he can allow them to get married.

Quote:young mens love lies not truly in their heart but in their eyes

Act 2 Scene2

Time:very late Sunday night

Location: Capulet’s orchard

Characters:Romeo, Juliet, Nurse

Juliet is on her balcony and is talking to herself about how she loves Romeo but she doesn’t know that Romeo is below her and then they meet each other and they agree that they are so deeply in love that they want to get married but juliet does not know if he just wants to be with her just to have sex.but they promise to eachother that they will get married.

Quote:Romeo o Romeo where out tho Romeo

Act 2 Scene 1

Time :Sunday night

Location :Capulet’s orchard

Characters :Romeo,Mercutio, Benvolio

when the party finished Romeo wanted to go back into the house to try to talk to juliet again and so he jumped over the orchard wall meanwhile Benvolio and Mercutio where talking about where he went and were trying to find him

Quote:”Blind is his love, and best befits the dark.”

Act 1 Scene 5

Time: Sunday night

Characters: Capulet family , people on the guest list, Romeo, Benvolio

Location: Capulet house

Romeo and Benvolio went to the Capuletes party. Romeo went to go meet Rosaline but Benvolio went to try to find a new woman for Romeo. surely enough Romeo found a woman and he fell in love with her name was juliet. they instantly loved each other and had already kissed twice, at the end of the party when everyone is leaving juliet asks the nurse to find out who the man he just kissed and found out that they are two foes but are in love.

Quote:”Away, be gone, the sport is at the best.”