Act 5 Scene 3

Time: Monday Afternoon

Characters:Paris, Page, Romeo, Balthasar, Friar Lawrence, Juliet, Captain of the Watch, Watchmen, Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague

Location:Capulets tomb

Romeo has been told that juliet is dead so he goes to her tomb with the poison and finds the “dead” body and is so sorrowful that he drinks the poison and dies and so friar Lawrence is trying to run as fast as he can to the tomb but everything is getting in his way so he doesn’t make it in time to save Romeo and so he still goes in but juliet wakes up in time and sees the dead body of Romeo and kisses his lips hoping he still has some poison but she isn’t dieing so she uses Romeos dagger to kill herself and then friar Lawrence comes out and sends the watch to go find the Capulets and montages and bring them here  and so than the prince explains how their hatred has coursed the death of their children and so the make peace and so Montague is going to make a statue made of gold for juliet and Capulet makes a statue of gold for Romeo.

Quote: as rich shall romeo’s by his lady’s lie, poor sacrafices of our enemy

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