Dystopia Writing – Future Sport

I had made it. The Olympics, standing on the start line of the 200m sprint line . my Heart was pounding. not because of the rawring crowd eager to see who wins, but the thought in my head. What happens if they catch me blood doping. The taste of the Powerade still lures inside my mouth, The sight of the millions of eyes staring at me flooded my brain. Around me some of the fastest people in the world all with the years of experience getting ready on the blocks. BANG. the gun had gone what only took me 20 sec felt like a lifetime. above me, these giants of men pacing me felt humiliating.


Second place was the best I had ever done. coming home with the silver medal felt amazing but deep down inside I wanted to give this away because of the blood doping I had an advantage over everyone. I committed a crime.


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