Romeo and Juliet complete play summary

Romeo and Juliet is a  Romantic drama that is a not to be love because of their family feud. It all starts off with Romeo loving Rosaline and is sad because she does not love him back and is depressed and so Benvolio is saying there is a party that he should go to find a new woman but Romeo is saying that there is no woman who is better than Rosaline. but Romeo ends up going to the party and is instantly in love with this angel whom the name is Juliet but little does he know she is a daughter of the Capulet. They both fall in love instantly but the only problem is that the Capulets family wants Juliet to marry prince and are already arranging the marriage.they were in love so much they wanted to get married and so they got married in private so that none of the families would know but Friar Lawrence knew that was fate and so he agreed to do it . the capulets maid was also told about this and so she got a ladder for Romeo to climb into Juliet’s room the night of the wedding to sneak in and they could be together. After this romeo and some friends go to the beach but run into tybalt and tybalt challanges romeo to a fight but romeo says i do not want to fight so benvolio steps in and says he will fight him and so, in the end, tybalt shot benvolio and he eventualy killed him and in romeos rage he went on a car chase to find tybalt and ends up crashing into him involving him to tip tybalts car so they both get out of the car and romeo shoots him and tybalt dies than the prince comes over to him and baneshes him, therefore, romeo goes to frair lawrence to ask for help  but there is nothing he can do but help him get ready to go and the maid than comes and tells romeo that she has set up a night with juliet and so they can be together for one last time. in the morning he then has to leave Verona and he travels out to a deserted area and is at a campervan park. And his is a problem because when Frair Lawrence sends the servant to go find Romeo he can’t find his van and when he does he has already left to go see if Juliet is dead because of the information his friend told him. romeo before going to the tomb he goes to the merchant and asks for a potion of poison but the owner says he can not sell it to him do Romeo gives him all his money and says you are a poor slave you need the money and so the trade is done and now it is a race to the tomb for Romeo to get there and for Frair Lawrence to stop him and tell him the plan. when Romeo gets to the tomb he finds that the fact is true Juliet is “dead” and so he says his last goodbyes and hugs her and drinks the poison but when he drinks the poison Juliet wakes up this is dramatic irony. when Juliet finds out what has happened she sees if there is any poison left but there isn’t so she kisses him to see if there is any left on his lips and there is and so now they are both dead. than Frair Lawrence walks in and sees the mess. in the end, the two families make a peace and build a golden statue of the opposite families child.

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