Romeo and Juliet Fate essay

In this essay, I will be talking about how in the movie and the book of Romeo and Juliet is portrayed by fate and I will give four examples of different types of fate and explain how they affect the story and how they affect Verona which is where this story is based. The fate of Romeo and Juliet could not be changed and I will explain why this is and how some of the members tried so hard to try to stop the deaths of the two lovers.

In this paragraph, I will be talking about how in the movie and the book how Romeo is portrayed in fate by a metaphor. One of the shreds of evidence of metaphor is that he refers to himself being a vessel and is being controlled by God, therefore, God is deciding his fate for him. The idea of fate in Romeo and Juliet is conveyed by Shakespeare through a series of events that happen by coincidence. In Elizabethan England, society thought that fate is the will of God. Due to this, when a co-incidence occurred they considered this to be a sign of God’s intentions. We first see this in Romeo and Juliet when Romeo and Benvolio are interrupted by a Capulet servant who is handing out an invitation list to the Capulet party where Juliet and Romeo are going to meet for the first time and fall in love. Because the servant can’t read he asks them to help him out by reading out the guest list and the servant says ” if you be not the house of montages, I pray come and crush a cup of wine”.we than see it next when  Saint Francis does not make it in time to stop Romeo from killing himself because Romeo did not get the message in time but everything is getting in his way from stopping him like tripping over tombstones and falling over.

Another case of fate in Romeo and Juliet is when Romeo refers to god as him controlling their fate and Romeo says this by suggesting that he is being controlled by God as if he was a boat and god was directing it. This happens because the way that God directs the path that things happen in. The evidence of the fate portrayed by God is said in the Capulets party when Romeo meets Juliet and he says that the two of them were meant to have met and that God had influenced the desition of him and Benvolio going to the party and god made the two of them meet. The fate of God can not be changed since God has already planned out what is going to happen to you in your life so no matter how hard friar Lawrence tried to stop the death of the two lovers he could no do anything to help.

The third case of fate in romeo and juliet is the plot (timing and cooincidence) this happens when he was baneshed from verona and when the messanger was sent to go tell him what was going to happen his friend got thier just befor the mail man got thier so this was a case of plot becasuse if this didnt happen than him and juliet would be alive but it affected the plan of faking juliets death so that when he got to the tombstomb with the poisen he saw the “dead” body of juliet and so he drank the poisen and therefor he died in juliets rms and this is a cooincidence because if romeo was only seconds later he would have seen juliet awake and would not have drunk the poisen

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This happens again when fate is portrayed by the prologue because we are told what is going to happen and this comes to reality but we are told that these “star-crossed lovers” would fall in love and this happens so this is another act of fate in Romeo and Juliet. Also in the prologue they say that it ends their families grudge witch, in the end, happened because of what their feud has done that they want to apologise by building a golden statue of the opposite family so the Montagues built a statue of Juliet and the Capulets built a golden statue of Romeo witch ends the feud between these two family’s.

it it it it it it i ti it ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti tit it i ti tit it I ti ti tit it i ti tit it ti it it i tit  it it it iIn  in conclusion the fate in Romeo and Juliet was never going to be changed because it was god that made the plot come together and so that is why people believe that fate is set out for you when you are born, but this is portrayed but several different types of fate there are multiple cases where it happens for different people. the results of the death of Romeo and Juliet are that the feud between the two families has ended and now there is no fighting between the two families

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